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Do you want to live in a peaceful society/world?

Do you want to cure all the diseases without medicines/surgery/side effect?

Do you want to cure all the psychological problems without medicines?

Do you want prevention from all the diseases?

Do you want to diagnose and cure the diseases yourself?

Do you want joyful life?

Do you want to die peacefully?


Here is a simple solution.


Our body is based on five elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space). When there is imbalance you get disease. By balancing all the five elements the diseases can be cured without medicine/surgery/side effects.

Acupressure and Acupuncture are the two treatment methods which can balance the five elements without medicine. These methods are treating the root cause not the symptoms. In these methods, even though you don’t know the disease name or its root cause can be treated and cured successfully.

In our body, each organ has its own characters. If an organ gets a disease, character will get changed. Because of taking medicine to cure the disease, the organ gets affected badly and you get new disease also in the name of side effect. Because of that character getting worse, also you lose the capability to identify which is good and bad.


  • By making the people to practice acupressure and acupuncture in their day today life, prevention/cure of all the diseases without medicines is surely possible.


  • A healthy person will have positive thoughts, social responsibilities and won’t misbehave. So we can live in a peaceful society.


Benefits of acupressure and acupuncture

  1. All the organ functions (Master health checkup) can be diagnosed by pressing palms within 5 minutes without any test.
  2. It is applicable for new born to everyone.
  3. There is no pain and blood loss.
  4. There is no medicine, surgery and side effects.
  5. There is surety for complete prevention/cure for all the diseases.
  6. Not just one disease but, all the diseases from the body will be cured.
  7. Very easy to learn and practice.


If you have sense, can decide whether to cure the diseases without medicines or live with medicines in the name of maintaining it.


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