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To be healthy there is no need to take any medicines. Medicines do not cure the disease, it suppresses the disease and brings new disease in the name of side effect and spoil our health.

Medicines are purely made up of chemicals. When we keep taking medicines, get lot of problems in all the five elements.

Only 12 organs are taken for the treatment according to 5 elements theory in Acupuncture.

Medicines are spoiling all the organs connected to the five elements. Some of the symptoms are explained below.


1.      Earth Element: Stomach and Spleen are belongs to earth element.

Stomach cannot digest the chemicals, so it becomes tired when it tries to digest it and the appetite will be poor. As we need to take the medicines, we keep on taking food at regular interval without worrying about the hungry. Because of that our stomach and spleen will be damaged, end result good quality of glucose will be reduced and poor quality of glucose will be increased.

Only good quality glucose will be circulated in our body with the help of insulin. As the good quality of glucose is reduced, insulin secretion from the pancreas also reduced and which leads to Diabetes. We lose weight and feel tired.

When you get Diabetes, body rejects the poor quality glucose through the urine by making the kidney work more, which leads to kidney failure later.

When spleen become weak, the digestion become poor so gas trouble, acidity, ulcer etc starts. More toxins settle on it and spoil the function. One of the important functions of the spleen is to remove the dead cells from the blood and produce new cells. When it cannot do this function properly, blood becomes impure and you get blood cancer.


2.      Air Element: Large intestine & Lungs are connected to air element.

When stomach and spleen becomes weak, the energy flow to the large intestine and lungs will be reduced, so lungs and large intestine becomes weak. It leads to problems like constipation, piles, allergy, skin problems, cold, asthma, wheezing, sneezing, throat problems etc.

When medicines are taken to cure cold, cough etc it is not curing the cold, instead it suppresses the cold and it settles in the lungs, which is the root cause for the asthma & wheezing. When more medicines and sprays are taken for asthma & wheezing it leads to arthritis and frozen shoulder later.


3.      Space (Wood) Element: Gall bladder & Liver are connected to space element. When these two organs become weak, eyes, muscles and muscle tendons becomes weak and the eye related diseases like colour blindness, visual problems, reddishness, irritation etc and head ache, body pain etc disturbs the body regularly.

When stomach not in the position to digest chemicals i.e medicines, totally become toxins.

Liver is one of the organs which throw the chemical toxins from what we eat/drink. Whenever we take medicines, liver has to do extra work to throw the chemical toxins from our body, because most of the water and food we take have chemicals like chlorine, pesticides etc., for which already liver is working more. As we make habit of taking medicines regularly, the liver becomes sluggish and the characters of the liver like anger, depression, tension, postponing the work, deciding capability and Inferiority complex also become worst.


Liver starts segregating poor quality of bile, which is the in-charge of digesting fat from our food. When the fat is not digested properly, it starts accumulating in our body, which organ is weak. For example, heart; when the heart is weak, starts getting blocked because of fat accumulation. Angiogram is being taken to know and locate the places of blocks and bypass operation is done. But, again and again it will accumulate as the root cause is not cured.

   When liver becomes weak, you start feeling tired, total body pain, burning sensation in the eyes and regularly get headaches.  To get relieved from the pains, again we take pain killers, which spoil the liver very badly. So the headache becomes a migraine. As the muscles become weak, stomach, uterus, urinary bladder, intestines move down from their position.

When the liver is damaged, the energy flow to the gall bladder is reduced. The bile in the gall bladder becomes stones because of the excess heat. Instead of removing the stones, modern medicine removes the gall bladder itself, so patient will have the digestive problem throughout his life.

Pain killers do not cure the diseases, only it hides the feeling from the brain.

Liver is taking care of the period cycles for ladies, so they get irregular cycles with pain.

BP: When anyone of the organ in the body is getting damaged badly, the system tries to supply more blood to that organ to cure it. To supply more blood, heart start pumping more blood, the blood pressure (BP) shoots up. When the affected organ becomes normal, BP will be reduced automatically. So medicines should not be taken to reduce the BP, which will spoil the heart immediately. When the liver is getting damaged badly, BP increases to save the liver, you may get giddiness etc.


4.      Water Element: Urinary bladder & Kidneys are connected to water element.

When the pregnant ladies take medicines and injections to become healthy, their muscles become weak and uterus is not in the position to help them for normal delivery. At the time of caesarean, they cut the energy flow path (Meridian) of many organs which includes kidney i.e. water element. As water element is disturbed, after delivery, they put on more weight, especially in stomach area.




Kidney also has to work to throw the chemical toxins from our blood, at one point of time it also becomes tired and weak because of excess work. Slowly, toxins start accumulating in our blood and creatinine (toxins) level goes up and has to go for dialysis (A process of cleaning our blood urea using a machine).

Without diagnosing the root cause, modern medicine advises the patient to go for kidney transplantation. Our body won’t accept any foreign body i.e. other’s organs. To make it to accept they give more medicines and in a year time, again kidney becomes weak.

When the kidney is not working properly, we get lower back pain which may lead to disc prolapsed. Ladies will get periods with back pain, swelling and cysts getting formed in uterus and ovaries. Some people may get cysts in brain and fits too.

When the urinary bladder becomes weak, you will not be able to control the urine flow.

Gents will get the problems in genetic organs and poor sperm count.

Because of water element disturbance, slowly fear starts dominating you and your life.


5.      Fire Element: Small intestine, Heart, Pericardium & Triple warmer are connected to fire element.

Medicines are increasing the body heat; the fire (heat) energy in our body is disturbed. Insomnia is one the major problems of this element disturbance. Heart related problems like heart attack, sudden change in heart beat, block etc.

When the heat becomes excess in our body, it kills the sperms, bile becomes stone in gall bladder, skin becomes dry, and you get pimples, dandruff etc.

Heart is the place where our mind resides (not in brain). So, psychological problems arise easily.


When all the five elements are disturbed, we get all the diseases like Cold, Cough, Fever, Diabetes, BP, Stress, Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Polio, Coma, Cataract, Paralysis, Disc prolapsed, Spondylitis, Men’s/Women’s problems, Kidney/Gall bladder stones, Infertility, Migraine, Skin diseases, Brain diseases, Chronic diseases, Pituitary/Thyroid problems, HIV/AIDS etc.


            Characters like ego, being proud, jealous, depression, Anger, Fear, sorrow, worries, stealth, robbery, Suicide thought, Irresponsibility, Illegal sexual relations, Drug addiction, Terrorism, Not respecting to others, Lavishness, Inferiority complex, cruelty, etc become worst unexpectedly.

            For example a rich family’s child may steal pencil etc in school. Nobody is teaching him to steal and there is no need also for him. But, because of the disturbance in his one of the organs, he starts stealing. Even though you advise him or punish him, he will not stop it until that organ is disease free. Like that, we can name many characteristic problems which are a major threat to the society.

            Our body itself is capable of clearing the toxins naturally, but when we get cold, fever, diarrhea, vomiting etc body is trying to throw the toxins out. At that time, we should give complete rest to our body without taking food. But we are advised to take medicines and before taking medicines, we take food. It spoils our total system.

So let us stop taking the medicine for any reason, learn Acupressure/Acupuncture easily and spread it to live in a peaceful society.