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The Acupressure therapy was known in India even 5000 years ago. Unfortunately, it was not preserved properly.

It is one of the best treatment methods in the world, which is capable of prevention/cure of all the diseases without any medicine and surgery just by pressing the palms or soles.

The switch board of electric current flowing in our body is located in the palms and soles. In the figure shown below, you can find the location of the different switch points of the organs/glands.


            When you get a disease, because of any reason, you will find pain in point no 8 i.e. Thyroid/Para thyroid. So, just by pressing on the point 8, can come to know that the person is healthy or not. Likewise, you can find the diseased organ just by pressing on the points shown in figure. For example, when you have problem in your stomach, you can find the pain in your palm at stomach point (27).

            Just by pressing on the points, the diseased organ/gland can be diagnosed without any laboratory test, for any disease in the world.

By giving intermediate pressure on the point of the diseased organ/gland twice a day for 1-2 minutes all the diseases can be cured. Depending upon the level of problem, we may need to follow some other steps carefully.

Pressing should not be done for more than 2 minutes under any circumstance, because more than 2 minutes pressure gives anesthetic effect which disturbs the function of the organ/gland.

            Better to learn the type of pressure from an acupressure therapist, because wrong pressure spoils the organ/gland.

            It is very easy to learn and use.

            There are instruments to apply the pressure on the points in different methods to cure all the diseases without side effects.


About Dr.Devendra Vora

Dr. Devendra Vora is one of the eminent people in this world who have done a lot of work to develop and spread the acupressure.

            He is 80 years old young business man/Acupressure therapist from Mumbai who learnt the acupressure and developed it to use it by a simple form.

            He has written two beautiful books called “HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS VOL I & II” in which you can find the details of organs and glands in our body and, he has presented the acupressure therapy and practice in a very simple form.

            I can say that those are the best books in this world which contains the treatment method to cure all the diseases in this world.

            He came to Coimbatore on May 2007 to conduct a 3 day seminar called “Be a Doctor in 12 hours” based on this books.

DVD’s are available with us in which he has explained about the diseases and treatment methods of acupressure therapy for more than 10hours.