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            Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing which pre-dates recorded history (approx. 6000 B.C.).  Acupuncture is clinically proved, to be a safe and a natural way to restore and maintain good health.

            Our body is based on five elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space). When there is an imbalance in the energy flow, we get disease.

            Each organ belongs to any one of the elements.

            Only 12 organs are taken for the treatment according to 5 elements theory. The organs belonging to the element are shown in the table below.




Heart, Small intestine, Pericardium, Triple warmer


Spleen, Stomach


Lungs, Large intestine


Kidney, Urinary bladder

Wood (Space)

Liver and Gall bladder


            By treating the above mentioned organs, we can cure all the diseases without medicines and surgery, by balancing all the 5 elements.

            Other than the above mentioned organs, there are connecting organs. When you have problem in the connecting organs, we must treat the main organs based on the element.

            Brain, Ear, Uterus, Productive organs are connected to Water element. Eyes, muscles and muscle tendons are connected to space element.

            Each organ has its own energy flow path (Meridian). According to the 5 elements theory, each organ has 5 commanding points and totally there are 60 commanding points for treatment.

             All the commanding points are in hands and legs.


The figure shows the Lungs meridian.


Classification of Acupuncture

  1. Clinical acupuncture
  2. Classical acupuncture


Clinical acupuncture

In this method, more numbers of needles are used to cure the disease without medicines, which makes the patient painful.


Classical acupuncture

This is the one of the best treatment methods in the world, which cures all the diseases without medicine, by treating single point. Through pulse diagnosis (Palpitation), we can find out which element or elements of the energy flow are disturbed. In each hand, on the thump side below the wrist, we can find the status of the elements.

Even though patient is not in the position to tell about his problem, through pulse diagnosis, correct diagnosis can be made.

According to the element(s) got disturbed, one commanding point is selected and stimulated, either using a needle or with index finger.


Father of Indian Acupuncture


Dr. Siddiq Zamal and Dr. Fazlur Rahman, both Allopathy doctors, called as “Dr. Brothers” started using Acupuncture for their treatment in 1984. The Acupuncture known worldwide and the Acupuncture practiced by the Dr. Brothers were entirely different.  They used the Classical form of Acupuncture i.e. Pulse Diagnosis and single needle therapy and cured all kinds of diseases. 


            The Acupuncture revived its glory and developed with the advent of the Dr.Brothers, a fact known to India.    Acupuncture philosophies of China were brought to be used in India.  A single needle placed on the skin curing thousands of diseases, astonished the medical world.  This ‘Acupuncture revolution’ dreaded the Modern Medicine in India.

            Dr.Fazlur Rahman is teaching Acupuncture to the people in Tamilan TV on Every Friday at 6.30pm.

            He gives speech in various topics in different part of Tamilnadu.

            To know more about him and to download audios & vedios, visit his website: